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Dr. Adriane

Black girl child from the U.S. South
Impeccably educated in the best institutions
Runt in a family of giants
Wife to a phenomenal woman

I am all these things. They are fundamental to my identity, and yet they don’t quite describe who I am. They, and many other characteristics, inform how I interpret the world, define problems, and construct solutions.

And therein lies the lesson.

People are complex. We bring all of that complexity with us into every room we enter. When we combine all the things we carry and apply them, powerful things happen.


Curated, results-driven consulting

Dr. Adriane Johnson-Williams helps senior leaders figure out how to create organizations that are ready to maximize the benefits of diversity. Her background in education and organizational dynamics is supported by her unapologetic boots-on-the-ground approach to getting things done. This drive led Adriane to found/establish Standpoint Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping leaders who are ready to do the work to make the commitment to race equity while centering organizational results.

Acknowledging and Celebrating the Complexity

Capitalism and racial equity are like magnets repelling one another. At the root of U.S.-driven capitalism is exploitation of workers and resources. At the root of diversity and equity is embracing difference, justice, and human dignity. Even with this opposition, there is an opportunity; people are at the heart of capitalism and equity. If we can acknowledge the complexity of the motivation to turn a profit–without dehumanizing workers– we can start to embrace building human-centered organizations. .

If you’re ready to bring all of that complexity into every room you enter, set up an appointment with Adriane and the Standpoint Consulting Team today.

Equity as a cost, but not a loss

Organizational effectiveness consulting and coaching allows Adriane to help senior leaders change their organizations and achieve results. This work is not easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing. Moving toward race equity–even if only into diversity and inclusion–will have costs. But “You have to spend money to make money.” And although the system of capitalism will always suggest that the cost of humanity is not worth it, there are U.S. business leaders who see themselves as fundamentally fair people whose identities aren’t rooted in dehumanization.

If you’re ready to embrace the challenge, so are we.


  • EQi 2.0/EQ 360 Certified
  • Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (TESI) Certified
  • Standards for Excellence Institute® Licensed Consultant
  • Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach