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EquitAble explores the many places where inequities exist. Dr. Adriane Johnson-Williams and expert guests explore how clearly defining equity and understanding how to pursue it in various contexts can help diminish, if not eliminate, those inequities.

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About our guest:

Audrey Selian serves as Director of Artha Impact (Rianta Capital Zurich), a dedicated advisory to the Singh Family Trust and is co-founder of Artha Networks Inc. (ANI), a SaaS platform that has been licensed to various ecosystem-building organizations working to support investment discovery and collaboration across various sectors and geographies. Audrey’s focus within the Artha portfolio has been on the deployment of private capital to high impact businesses serving the underserved in India. Audrey has served as advisor to Halloran, is co-founder of Impact for Breakfast, a network of over 3,100+ people across 30+ cities, and is also co-founder of Impact Hub Yerevan in Armenia, and of Baraka Impact (an emerging market focused health-focused investment platform). Audrey holds degrees from the Fletcher School at Tufts University (PhD, MALD), the L.S.E. (MSc) and Wellesley College (BA). In 2003-4 she was a doctoral fellow at Harvard in 2004-5. In 2022, she co-edited a book called “The Business of Building a Better World” with Prof. David Cooperrider from Case Western Reserve, published by Berrett Koehler Publishers in 2022.


with Dr. Audrey Selian

About this episode:

In this episode, host Dr. Adriane Johnson-Williams is joined by the insightful Dr. Audrey Selian, an advocate for compassionate and empathetic investment practices. Dr. Audrey Selian shares her experiences and wisdom, touching on topics such as the fluid identity of Armenians in the United States, the history and values of Armenia, and the challenges and opportunities in impact investing. The conversation explores the complexities of integrating equity into professional spheres, the paradigm shift in the purpose of capital, and the importance of empathy and compassion in investment practices. Tune in as we uncover the nuances of impact investing, the limitations it faces, and the broader societal implications of profit-seeking in various sectors.

Key Points/Topics Covered:

  • Impact investing and its emphasis on empathy and equity
  • The challenges and limitations of impact investing
  • The critical role of love, empathy, and compassion in investment practices
  • Critiques of the current health sector and the need for equity in healthcare