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EquitAble explores the many places where inequities exist. Dr. Adriane Johnson-Williams and expert guests explore how clearly defining equity and understanding how to pursue it in various contexts can help diminish, if not eliminate, those inequities.

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with Dr. David Goode-Cross

“For all the work that I do, I don’t actually use the word equity in my work. Generally, right? Because I don’t know that it’s achievable. What I probably use is trying to do right by people or trying to be fair. And you know, the myriad definitions of fair…I really try to think through, how do I do right by this person? How do I do right by people? And I would say, the growth over the last 3 years has recognized that I am part of people too.”

Today we’re looking into the crucial intersections of mental health care and equity with our distinguished guest, Dr. David Goode-Cross, a licensed psychologist and the founder of The Goode Practice. Dr. Goode-Cross brings a wealth of experience and a revolutionary approach to mental health care, focusing on empowering marginalized communities and disrupting traditional systems to create more equitable healthcare environments.

In today’s conversation, we’ll explore Dr. Goode-Cross’s unique perspective on systemic change within mental health practices, the challenges of providing services in an equitable fashion, and the importance of identity concordance in therapeutic outcomes. Dr. Goode-Cross also sheds light on his personal journey from aspiring self-help author to becoming a reputable psychologist, his research on resilience among Black gay and bisexual men, and the day-to-day realities of working within a practice that primarily serves people of color who are also gender or sexual minorities.