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Standpoint Consulting delivers curated, action-focused services that help your organization keep both the people you serve and the results you seek at the center of your work.


All Standpoint Consulting work is race equity focused. Second only to the result is race equity, yet we are ready and equipped to support you with other equity challenges in your organization. Race equity will always be a part of whichever service(s) you choose.

Results come from focusing on leading, aligning, planning, and collaborating with equity, humanity, integrity, and dignity as foundational values.

Ready your leadership team and yourself for the changes you seek to make in your organization. Receive the support you need to be effective.

Get every team member aligned to your desired result. Help them make their most powerful contribution.

Create action plans not just “strategic” ones. You’ll never achieve results without a plan to do actual work.

Achieve large scale change with a powerful collaborative framework and strong partnership.


Adriane’s skillful coaching helped me to become a better Board Chair and a more confident leader. She’s helped merge our communication styles with the type of radical honesty needed to produce the best work for the organization. I feel very fortunate to work with Adriane.

Rachel KnoxBoard Chair at The CLTV and Program Officer at Hyde Family Foundations

As a first time board chair, I unexpectedly had to manage a major leadership transition. Adriane’s wise counsel and coaching was very helpful as I and the rest of the board worked through this process. We now have our new leader in place and she’s thriving.

Linda McNeilBoard Chair at Memphis Music Initiative

This is a perfect process.

Valerie GoodeChief Marketing Officer, San Francisco Foundation

More than strategy, it's about broad thinking and focused action.

Kevin WilsonExecutive Director of the Small Business Empowerment Center in St. Louis

Adriane’s professional knowledge, proactive management skills, and vibrant direction have helped us address practical business needs and place us on the path to further mature as a team. Adriane has proven her value and will be a resource we will happily rely on in the future.

Holly Hagan-OehmlerBoard Officer at Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi



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