Why Standpoint?

We are a consulting firm dedicated to ensuring that organizational effectiveness is built on the interests of the clients and constituents being served. By placing the standpoint of clients at the center, organizations sharpen their missions, and have a touchstone for why they exist. We offer support to help shape behaviors and develop systems of support and accountability for the results that organizations seek.

What we do.


We support organizational learning that sticks by   providing the tools necessary to integrate accountability for the learning into   performance management and evaluation systems.

· Board governance

· Effective data use

· Results-based facilitation

· Equity and inclusion in action



Sometimes a team needs to have difficult   conversations or simply wrestle with an idea to find a solution. Other times   a specific result might be required at the end of meeting. We offer   results-based facilitation as our primary mode, but are also skilled in   managing difficult conversations, particularly concerning race and class.

· Results-based facilitation

· Difficult conversations about race and class

· Change management



Traditional strategic planning is static. We   provide our clients with action-oriented plans that require regular reviews   of progress indicators and point to tactical changes. We also recommend tools   to support independent efforts and reduce reliance on consultants.



We specialize in coaching nonprofit executives   and their board chairs to support effective governance and organizational   change. We offer emotional intelligence assessments for individuals and   groups to support improving organizational culture.

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