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It’s easy for an organization to stray from mission, lose focus, or let the day-to-day get in the way of real results. Standpoint can help you realign your perspective and bring your mission back into focus. We curate our approach to what your team needs.


Stronger internal relationships between governance and management

Tools, behaviors, and systems designed for accountability and growth

Heightened organizational effectiveness

More authentic relationships between your frontline and the people you serve

Deeper understanding of the communities and individuals you serve


Your business reflects you. It reflects your vision and disposition. If you don’t see your vision in your organization, it may mean your disposition or approach to leadership is keeping your employees from following you. We offer individual and team coaching to support your leadership team and you in rallying everyone in your organization to pursue your result.

Adriane has helped me understand and love my essential roles and gifts, deeply understand population accountability, tell better stories and ask better questions. She has profoundly shaped how I aim to convene and facilitate results- and people-focused conversations.”

– Danya Pastuszek

People are happier when they can see how their work matters to the big picture. You want everyone in your organization to know what they contribute to your desired result. To do that you need to spend time aligning their individual work with their team’s work horizontally and vertically. We have successfully supported results alignment and  can do the same for you.

“One of the persistent themes of the feedback that we get from our team members is that “I don’t have clarity on X” and we’ve done a lot of things over the years to bring greater clarity. Nothing has been as powerful as this Results Alignment work.”

– Bill Crimm, CEO of United Way of Salt Lake

You won’t achieve results without a plan. Whether you already have a strategic plan in place or need to start from scratch, we will make sure your plan aligns to a clearly articulated result. If you want a high-level plan that provides strategies or a detailed work plan to be integrated into your project management platform, we are ready to meet your needs.

Dr. Johnson-Williams and her team were easy to work with, knowledgeable and energetic. Their leadership made our strategic planning process extremely successful and everyone was pleased with the final product.”

– Ivy R. Taylor, President of Rust College

We have demonstrated expertise in large scale municipal collective impact efforts. Members of our team (and our larger consultant network) have led efforts that have reduced summer learning loss for young readers and dramatically increased FAFSA completion rates. We have also helped to get collective impact partnerships back on track.