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Kym Alexander

Human-Centered Strategist Helping You Rethink Effectiveness

Kym Alexander focuses on innovative ways to boost capacity and effectiveness. Kym employs active listening and appreciative questions to connect your needs with unseen solutions.

Envision And Streamline Your Work

A strategy built from the results you want to achieve. Your capacity increased by identifying the available resources you can leverage right now. Individual or team coaching helps you get the work you most want to do effectively and with ease.

If you’re ready to work smarter, not harder, set up a call with Kym today.

Reimagine And Innovate Your Work Environment

Tapping into the human genius and imagination of every contributor on your team and those that you serve builds a human-centered, productive, and thriving place to do the work that matters most to you and your community.

If you’re ready to build a sustainable community that uses the brilliance of contributors and clients to transform the work you do together, schedule an exploratory call to learn more.

Communicate And Catalyze Your Vision

Your ability to share your vision can be the difference between success and failure. Kym has spoken in front of audiences of 8,000 attendees and can help you distill your vision into a story that you can easily and authentically share with audiences.

If you dream of becoming a dynamic and engaging storyteller, connecting with audiences and allowing them to connect with your vision, book your public speaking coaching session today

I have known and worked with Kym for many years. When she began consulting, we hired her for a vision setting session after adding another company to our portfolio. Kym helped us drill down on the goals for the companies, determine next steps for moving things forward and helped us visualize where we wanted to go. This was a crucial first step in building our businesses messaging. Kym helped us understand how to tell our story and where to appropriately focus our time. This has been an extremely powerful tool for us. We walked away feeling empowered and ready to tackle any and all challenges. I advocate and highly recommend her if you are looking to solidify your brand’s “why” and how to articulate that to the outside world!

Robyn BassDMCP, President of Cedar Ridge Nashville, CEO of Maple Ridge Events, Certified Women Business Enterprise

I enthusiastically recommend Kym Alexander based on her outstanding work as a collaborative partner of Thistle and Bee Enterprises Inc. Thistle and Bee’s mission is to help women who have survived sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction thrive. Kym is extremely intuitive and adaptable, creative and passionate. It has been a pleasure to observe the genuine relationships she has fostered with staff in an effort to help with professional development and sales presentation skills.

Kym demonstrates wisdom, effective communication and coaching skills , and a fervor for social justice and humanitarian efforts that is sorely needed today. She is an asset to any team and/or organization. She’s professional and compassionate with a strong desire to help others. For these many reasons, I give my highest recommendation as we are greatly enriched to have her as an ally.

Eli CloudExecutive Director, Thistle and Bee Enterprises

Kym Alexander has an excellent background for addressing one of our very important needs. Being able to express in various ways has become somewhat of a lost art. I have worked closely with Kym for several years. She has the personality and the skills to communicate and teach others individually, one on one, small groups, classroom, and large audiences from the stage.

Jay MartinFounder & President, The Juice Plus+ Company

Kym Alexander is one of the most dependable, organized professionals with whom I have had the pleasure of working. She is a rare find in that she is efficient in completing day-to-day tasks while maintaining a broad, long-term strategic mindset. Well-read, she is a life-long learner and who is always striving to better herself, both for her own personal growth and for the good of her clients. I believe she would be an asset to any business.

Gavin VersiBusiness Professional, Sports Management, Journalist, Adventurer

Kym was extremely patient while helping me prepare for a speech I was giving. She was always prompt and demonstrated the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend her.

Yolanda JohnsonOwner of The Nail and Skin Bar