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We Have the Answer

By September 2, 2020No Comments

If the question is “How do we deal with this uprising?”

The answer is “Listen to the people. There is wisdom in the crowd.”

Black and indigenous people have been giving the same answer for centuries. Respect our humanity. The answer is not going to change. 

If you are ready to accept that answer and bring your business into alignment with just practices, there are four things you can do as a leader to get started: Learn. Change. Plan. Act.


As an organizational leader, your work is to determine how to change your culture. But addressing systemic racism isn’t a simple technical challenge. Individual human beings think and behave differently, which is outside your control but not beyond your influence. There is  plenty you can do.


Use your learning to change yourself. Think differently. Behave differently. Be different.


Commit to leading your employees through the kind of learning you did for yourself. We can help you collect data and build a plan from your results. While better optics from increased diversity might be rewarding in the short term, we know that including equity as a core business principle will help your organization to attract better talent, transform your culture, and create opportunities for collaboration and growth. Transforming your organization will allow you to focus on the bottom line and contribute to a better society.


Standpoint will help you communicate your intentions to all stakeholders to begin a public accountability process. We will help put your plan into action and monitor your progress. 

We’re here to help.

We are available to coach executives and board leaders in every sector. We will help you make and measure the changes necessary to contribute to a nation that honors our shared humanity.

Contact us to get started.