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Our Lives Matter

As a Black woman-owned and operated company, we at Standpoint Consulting carry in our bodies centuries of memory and experiential knowledge of racism. The stories of our lives and families explain the trauma and anger of black people that are playing out on our streets and in the news. 

This cellular knowledge of racism undergirds our commitment to hearing and including the most affected groups in decisions that impact their lives. When nonprofits formed to address social change consult these community stakeholders, they empower local leadership and foster opportunities for sustainable change. When businesses of all types consider the perspectives of people impacted by their work, they operate with a greater respect for our shared humanity. Conversely, ignoring these affected groups can cause harm and perpetuate division, which is evidenced all around us. 

We stand in solidarity with those protesting social injustices, including those who are new to the fight and looking to change for good. We are committed to centering the experiences of affected populations in our work. We ask that everyone remember the diversity of experience of black people in the United States, including our LGBTQ siblings, and make space for the fullness of our humanity.